Doc & Maggie

Tupelo Ridge Retrievers is excited about breeding Maggie to Doc. Puppies are expected around October 19, 2013. Both Doc and Maggie come from outstanding pedigrees and are intense performers that complement each other in both performance and looks. Both Doc and Maggie are very stylish performers, and we expect these puppies to be full of the same.


DocTroublesome Highseas Makin Housecalls QAA “Doc” qualified All Age as a 2 year old and is throwing some unbelievable pups. His owner describes him as a true team player that gives great effort day in and day out. He is a great all around dog from the field to the house and is currently running all age stakes.



MaggieTwin Lakes Troublesome “Maggie” is doing master level work in the field and if not for this breeding would be campaigned in the master this fall. She is a full sibling to a dog who passed one Master National and Qualified for this year as a 3 year old. She is an extremely intense and focused field performer that does not slow down.


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